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This goes without saying that I am talking about a mobile service provider, who sends wild dogs after you, and happily claims the title of this post (not exactly). My roomie Jaspal took a new connection as soon as he landed in Mumbai. He did not prefer to take rest, after a long journey from Delhi to Mumbai, instead ran to one of the stores to get his personal dog.

As soon as I arrived in the room, I found Jaspal, bed-ridden (this is for exaggeration only), with head-ache, a result of his over enthusiam for petting the dog and missing vital sleep. I have always had a dog, since I bought my first mobile in October 2003, a very healthy one indeed at that time in Baroda. I got a new one in Bangalore, only this time it barked more often, and followed less. My personal desire to own a better dog was still alive when I landed in Mumbai and a great “Kwality” offer was awaiting me in the hostel room.

All this while, I was carrying (dragging?) my Bangalorean breed along and finally, I asked it to be terminated (mercy killed) by the Happy to Hell agents. The Kwality was a trap, which I happily fell into, and got a local dog with a pair of Boots (still under accounts receivable). I thought and thought, what was more precious, the dog or the boots, and then I got an **bulb**. I made Vivek and Prateek also to light their own.

Now, coming back to when I arrived story (remember Jaspal?). Yes, he was still waiting for the Happy to hell to give the dog a special scooby snack so that it can smell him and follow. He, left the dog “six” times on the road, expecting him to follow. Poor him, he had to collect the dog back from the store each time.

On this date, the dog is missing again, but this time even the Happy to Hell guys aren’t aware of its whereabouts. Finally, I was successful in lighting Jaspal Pra’s **bulb**, only to say “What an Idiot! Sirjee” (papajee?)


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