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Let me introduce myself before we take a deep dive into my own experience and perspective for choosing a particular B-School for management studies. I am a traditional Indian IT professional with varied experience in some of the well-known IT companies in India (I hope I am just in assuming that the readers know companies like Infosys, IBM). After spending more than seven years in the industry I gained technical expertise and varied domain knowledge in Telecom, Retail. Many of you will also be interested in knowing my objective for doing MBA at this stage of career, but, I will keep it as a secret which will only to be revealed in front of admission committee. After all, it is a subjective matter and everyone has their own idea behind getting into management studies.

I started to think about doing one year MBA from India a year ago. That does not mean I did not ponder on the idea of reaching to Europe/ US for the most sought qualification. US B-schools were anyway out of the reach of my financial horizon and risk appetite. I applied to few of the B-Schools in UK and eventually got admission offer from one of those; later realized that this was also not my cup of coffee. Looking at the current economic scenario and my own personal constraint; I was not ready to spend some thousand EUROS to learn management practice which anyway I could not have applied to Indian perspective as I need to stay back in UK to recover the fixed and variable costs (a management concept I already know even before starting to study it formally).

So, let us discuss about the B-schools is India offering one-year MBA. As I scored a decent 720 in GMAT, I targeted only some of the top B-Schools which I have listed down below. I would like to take and each institute and provide my opinion about it (of course the opinions presented here are personal and I have tried to make sure that I am not biased toward the one I finally opted).

IIM – Ahmadabad/Bangalore

These B-schools tend to focus on participants who would like to shift career from middle management to senior management. These are the most sought brand names in India in management studies and corporate flock to campus to pick up the best managers. The average experience for admission into IIM-A/B stands at 10-12 years and I believe this is the one of reason I did not get a response back. As every business caters to a unique market segment, their target customers are mid-level executives, the course fee also tend to be on a higher side (2 million INR). It seems to be 30% less than what I could have shell out if I did plan to do MBA from a decent B-Schools in UK.

Indian School of Business, Hyderabad

This is one of the Schools which made me do a lot of cost-benefit analysis even before sending application. A grand salute to their efforts to bring the course at par with some of the most sought courses/B-schools in a short span of time. But what make me wonder are the current trends in admission in-take and the placement opportunities available in market. With a sheer batch size of 800 + participants and operations in two campuses; I will be impressed with institute efficiency to get everyone in the batch placed with a so claimed high post-course average package. Also the high investment makes me doubt about my own capabilities to earn and quickly get back to a financially equilibrium.

I hesitantly applied and to my dismay I got an interview waitlist (this is better way to say someone that you are neither selected for interview nor rejected).

IIM Lucknow, Noida Campus

This was one of the institute I was looking forward to the most due to family reasons and location advantage (I preferred to stay in NCR region). The interview turn-out ratio (10 out of 19 applicant appeared for the interview in my slot and similar figures from other locations) and feedback from various source make it clear that the IIM-L Noida campus is still struggling to pick its own share of cake in the elite class of other IIMs. Placements figures were a bit confidential affair and I struggled to get the exact picture even after trying all the sources I could. The course fee though less as compared to other IIMs was still a costly affair for me.

I appeared for the interview and waited for 2 weeks with finger crossed.

S P Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai

Constantly ranked among the top 10 for last many years and churning out its 8th batch of one year MBA batch;  the B-school was my last target to be in. The total cost of the course is half as compared to other B-Schools I targeted. Placement, as I got to know is decent and is more dependent on participants own efforts (but this is the case with every other 1 year B-School). The participants leverage on the B-school brand and Alumni network along with their own network to get into the role/job they aspire to be in.

 So, what was my decision and where am I today

I landed in S P Jain Mumbai on 8 Jan, 2012 with hope that the year 2012 will be the most exciting year in life.  The first few days in the campus made me realize that I have landed at the right place.

First of all, the feeling of funding my course from my own pocket made me free from lot of worries. I will not be carrying a baggage and will not worry whole year about the placement as it hinders the learning process. After all, the placement and job is not the ultimate objective of getting into management studies, when I already had a well paying job.

Second, now I believe that for a person like me who has been more occupied in the world of programming languages and algorithms, there is a lot of learning and personal development is required. The top class institutes admit people who are already well suited executives and just need a brand name to accelerate the career. I did not find any examples, where they admit an average individual and turn him into an entirely different person.  It is logical for me to rather join a decent B-School which is still aspiring to be in top-notch class and is putting extra emphasis on learning and development rather than emphasizing more on the marketing techniques. After all, we are the one who will ultimately pay for their marketing expenses.

Third, as the course starts three months earlier as compared to other institutes which start the session in April-May, I will be completing the course early and will be back in job to support my family.

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.”

-PGPM 811 Participant.


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