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For those who use Firefox and GMail daily, it might now be a very common thing to find an error message while loading – “This is taking longer than usual. Try reloading the page.” Amazingly, I am yet to see this same error in Chrome. Google released some Javascript tests which show Chrome to be 10x faster than Firefox and IE. Firefox later rebuted them by releasing its own tests.

But, what is the main point here that I am trying to convey? Whether Chrome is faster is immaterial as Google knows how to make it behave so. Google is been developing a lot of (heavy) Javascript-centric WebApps. Whether it is optimizing them to be used with Chrome or they are making optimal usage of Chrome. Either way, they are forming a dependence on Chrome. Chrome might comply with all the standards, but it has optimized implementations only in areas which Google prefers (as seen from Google tests) and not so much in some other areas (as seen from Firefox tests).

So, as a user am I forced to use Chrome whenever I use any Google app? Is Google going the Microsoft (Internet Explorer) way? What could be the impact now that Android is poised to dominate embedded devices? Some of these fears might be highly exaggerated, because Chrome (or chromium project) is after all open source. So other browsers may learn a trick or two. But, will Google’s preferred areas inhibit development in other areas.

I, personally, am an ardent Google fan and like the way they present their (even ugly looking) applications, just for their simplicity. Google has been a game changer in many fields. Their advertising revenue model enables them to earn even from their competitors. For example most of Orkut’s competitors serve “Ads by Google”. Google’s strategy in such cases has been to challenge the competition, but never to kill it. Why kill when they can pay?

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