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Snapshots from Hell

While I was on my way to Mumbai to attend the “orientation” program, a friend lent me the following book.

I was initially skeptical about reading this fat book. Not that fat – it  has only 286 pages, but still…

The story is about a person – Peter Robinson who is coming from a non-engineering background. He gets admitted into Standford, one of USA’s premier B-Schools. The book is about his experience in campus and how he managed to graduate despite the rigorous schedules.

I must admit, I absolutely loved the book. Infact, some of the pages had a striking resemblance to the orientation which I attended. The book is humorous and yet does not deviate from the central theme – “tough life at a B-School”.

For all those who are interested in management studies, this book is a strong recommendation. Read it – you will not regret it.

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