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PGPM 508 organized a “Fun-Filled” evening for the 44 Sitaras who were chosen as part of the school project, being pioneered by our batch. The enthusiasm and excitement shown by the Sitaras brought a smile to all our faces. We would like to share some unforgettable moments of that joyous evening with you all.




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Assualt in the Outdoors

The Outbound training at Lonavla was full of learnings and experiences and one of the most interesting was the Game “Assualt” held on the second day.After a exhausting and at the same time thrilling trek in the morning,in the evening we were introduced to the mind-boggling “Assualt” game.The Game consists of four sets of smaller events -“River”,”Delivery of goods”,”A-frame” & “Transfer of Goods”.These short games test to the “T” your skills in co-ordination,teamwork,speed of executing a task successfully,the ability of your team to implement and carry on a strategy successfully.Each game has a maximum time limit of 30 minutes and the team finishing with the lowest cumulative score in all the four games wins the event!If the work is not completed in the 30 minutes then the percentage of work done is adjusted in the time.For example if 50% of the work is completed by the end of 30 minutes then your time score is considered to be 60 minutes..so every minute counts!

The first game was called “Transfer of Goods”.Here all the team members are given Concave pipes and the challenge is to slide 3 balls one by one on the pipes and finally to make the ball land in bowl placed at the end.The team members have to place the pipes in tandem and continue this so that the motion of the ball is maintained.The distance to be covered is approximately about 200 meters.In the distance between the start and the finish line the conditions to be followed are that :

The ball does not get dropped

The ball does not touch any team members hand

The ball does not come to a standstill and keeps rolling.

This games tests team-coordination and depends highly on the strategy you devise at the beginning.One good strategy is to make the ball move zig-zag instead of roll straight which makes the movement a bit slower and helps the team to co-ordinate the pipes.Almost all teams finished this game with very few minutes left.

The next in line was “A-Frame”.Here a huge frame in the shape of an “A” is used and a member of the team stands in the centre of the frame.The frame is supported with ropes which have to be held by the other team members.The members have to keep the frame balanced with the ropes and the person in the center has to move the frame from the start to the finish line without ever setting his foot on the ground!Indeed a test of team balance literally!!Most teams fared well here and my team “Thunderbird” finished in a record time of 3 minutes!Wow!

Then came the “Australian War Strategy game-River”.Here the teams are given ski-like boards with ropes.The participants ranging from 5-7 have to use the boards to paddle their way from the start to finish line without ever setting foot of the ground!The highest test of co-ordination and team skills!

The last in line was the  game “Delivery of goods” .Here there are 2 bowls-one filled with water and 6 balls and the other filled with only water.Another smaller bowl suspended with 6 threads has to be articulated by the team,using only one of their hands each(if both hands are used at any point,the team member faces a penalty and has to stand backward facing for 1 minute!!) so that as many balls as possible are picked one bowl and tranferred to the other.The rules to be followed are:

When dropping the balls into the bowl,if the already present balls bounce out then they are returned to the original pool and the teams have to start over again.

All team member remain in their range and use only one hand for the movement.

Finally the team which finished in the shortest time was “The Performers” with a whopping 82 minutes!!Cheers to them for the feat!

This was indeed a experiential learning of the highest order and hats off to High Places Pvt Ltd(http://www.hpmpl.com/) for their professional management & co-ordination of the trek and the “Assault Game” and for having provided us a lifetime’s experience.

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Pictures from Lonavala

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Pictures from Orientation

Here are some of the snaps taken during Orientation. The program started on 12 September 2008 and ended on 15 September 2008.

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