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The P-CPL (PGPM – Cricket Premier League) kicked off on April 5, 2010. The week leading up to the opening game was full of practice sessions, with each team getting together to get the flow going after having lost touch with the game, when slogging it out in the industry. The commitment and dedication of the folks during practice was amazing, epitomized by teams practicing in the sweltering Mumbai heat at 3:30 in the afternoon to acclimatize themselves for the match beginning at 3:45 in the noon.

Come April, there were lots of expectations as the tournament got underway. The turnout for the opening game was beyond everyone’s expectations and the field looked set for an exciting contest, and boy did the 2 teams deliver or what? The game was as close as it could get with the last ball deciding the fate in favor of the team chasing down a target of 107 in 10 overs. But on that day there was only one winner and that was the game of cricket. It was great to see all the different emotions during and after the game, of joy and disappointment, but not that of frustration. Amazing to see the increased maturity and composure on the field making up for the past golden years for everyone in terms of their cricketing skills.

By the time the euphoria of the first game had begun to die down, came the second game filled with even more excitement, again going down to the wire, and this time the females in control of the fate of the game. As luck would have had it, just to make the score even, this time the team chasing lost by 1 run.

As teams got together to dissect their game performances and come up with new strategies, it was time for the third game, and lo and behold this time the game ended in a tie, resulting in the first “Super-Over” for P-CPL. The P-CPL had clearly surpassed IPL in terms of sheer excitement quotient.

At the conclusion of the first week, it has been a great experience and the tournament has more than lived up to the expectations. The teams are all evenly matched up, with no team guaranteed of a spot in the finals at the end of one round. As players get ready to re-discover their glory days and practice during the next few days to sharpen their skills for the deciding final week, I sign-off and will be back with more from next week’s action.

–Posted by- Amar Desai Class of 2010

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It was a nice Sunday evening when I went to Mc Donalds. Now of course there is nothing great about going to McD but the story is yet to come. Please keep reading…However this is just a request to the reader to keep reading and in no way I guarantee any intellectual stuff coming up. The reader is the sole guarantor of wasting his time. Coming back to the story so I was in McD and I ordered a Coke which I demanded to be chilled. Further I asked for some French fries. (This was an evening snack guys.. so I contended myself with just this much…) However I had to rush back soon for some urgent assignment. So I asked the guy how much time it would take for the French fries. As against my expectation, he said 3 minutes, which was just what I wanted. So I sat there waiting for my French fries to be delivered….three, four, five …ten minutes passed but I didn’t receive much awaited French Fries…Now I got restless. In normal scenario (i.e before coming to SPJAIN-PGPM…at time I was an MBA illiterate) I would have blasted the guy,got the Fries, ate it and would have been on my way to college…But what happened later was something serious…I sat there thinking about the entire conversation. I am sure as PGPMites  read they will understand the cause of my thought process….and Yes this is where is the punch of the story lies….so I would suggest the reader to continue reading…I assure it’s going to be interesting…

My thought process:

Events (thoughts)

I saw beautiful French fries poster displayed at the counter (This was an Invitation to offer)

I said: “I would like to have French fries” (Yeah this would be.. offer)

McD boy: Sure Mam (Promise with consideration/Agreement)

I said: But first tell me how long would it take for French fries (Implication of my law studies:-Conditions)

Mc D: Not more than three minutes Mam. (Here he got trapped……Finally the Qualified Acceptance)

I said: Ok. Get me one. (Contract)

This wasn’t the end guys…When I was not delivered the French fries in three minutes…I did thought of various sections and legal cases that could be acted upon the poor guy…I wasn’t sure if  he would ever understand my mental state…so I controlled all my emotions,got my pack of fries with me almost after 11.5 minutes and went on my way.

This is what a Business law class in an MBA curriculum does to you.….thanks to Prof. D.M. Damle for all his impressive lectures…We all just adore you sir!!

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Assualt in the Outdoors

The Outbound training at Lonavla was full of learnings and experiences and one of the most interesting was the Game “Assualt” held on the second day.After a exhausting and at the same time thrilling trek in the morning,in the evening we were introduced to the mind-boggling “Assualt” game.The Game consists of four sets of smaller events -“River”,”Delivery of goods”,”A-frame” & “Transfer of Goods”.These short games test to the “T” your skills in co-ordination,teamwork,speed of executing a task successfully,the ability of your team to implement and carry on a strategy successfully.Each game has a maximum time limit of 30 minutes and the team finishing with the lowest cumulative score in all the four games wins the event!If the work is not completed in the 30 minutes then the percentage of work done is adjusted in the time.For example if 50% of the work is completed by the end of 30 minutes then your time score is considered to be 60 minutes..so every minute counts!

The first game was called “Transfer of Goods”.Here all the team members are given Concave pipes and the challenge is to slide 3 balls one by one on the pipes and finally to make the ball land in bowl placed at the end.The team members have to place the pipes in tandem and continue this so that the motion of the ball is maintained.The distance to be covered is approximately about 200 meters.In the distance between the start and the finish line the conditions to be followed are that :

The ball does not get dropped

The ball does not touch any team members hand

The ball does not come to a standstill and keeps rolling.

This games tests team-coordination and depends highly on the strategy you devise at the beginning.One good strategy is to make the ball move zig-zag instead of roll straight which makes the movement a bit slower and helps the team to co-ordinate the pipes.Almost all teams finished this game with very few minutes left.

The next in line was “A-Frame”.Here a huge frame in the shape of an “A” is used and a member of the team stands in the centre of the frame.The frame is supported with ropes which have to be held by the other team members.The members have to keep the frame balanced with the ropes and the person in the center has to move the frame from the start to the finish line without ever setting his foot on the ground!Indeed a test of team balance literally!!Most teams fared well here and my team “Thunderbird” finished in a record time of 3 minutes!Wow!

Then came the “Australian War Strategy game-River”.Here the teams are given ski-like boards with ropes.The participants ranging from 5-7 have to use the boards to paddle their way from the start to finish line without ever setting foot of the ground!The highest test of co-ordination and team skills!

The last in line was the  game “Delivery of goods” .Here there are 2 bowls-one filled with water and 6 balls and the other filled with only water.Another smaller bowl suspended with 6 threads has to be articulated by the team,using only one of their hands each(if both hands are used at any point,the team member faces a penalty and has to stand backward facing for 1 minute!!) so that as many balls as possible are picked one bowl and tranferred to the other.The rules to be followed are:

When dropping the balls into the bowl,if the already present balls bounce out then they are returned to the original pool and the teams have to start over again.

All team member remain in their range and use only one hand for the movement.

Finally the team which finished in the shortest time was “The Performers” with a whopping 82 minutes!!Cheers to them for the feat!

This was indeed a experiential learning of the highest order and hats off to High Places Pvt Ltd(http://www.hpmpl.com/) for their professional management & co-ordination of the trek and the “Assault Game” and for having provided us a lifetime’s experience.

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This goes without saying that I am talking about a mobile service provider, who sends wild dogs after you, and happily claims the title of this post (not exactly). My roomie Jaspal took a new connection as soon as he landed in Mumbai. He did not prefer to take rest, after a long journey from Delhi to Mumbai, instead ran to one of the stores to get his personal dog.

As soon as I arrived in the room, I found Jaspal, bed-ridden (this is for exaggeration only), with head-ache, a result of his over enthusiam for petting the dog and missing vital sleep. I have always had a dog, since I bought my first mobile in October 2003, a very healthy one indeed at that time in Baroda. I got a new one in Bangalore, only this time it barked more often, and followed less. My personal desire to own a better dog was still alive when I landed in Mumbai and a great “Kwality” offer was awaiting me in the hostel room.

All this while, I was carrying (dragging?) my Bangalorean breed along and finally, I asked it to be terminated (mercy killed) by the Happy to Hell agents. The Kwality was a trap, which I happily fell into, and got a local dog with a pair of Boots (still under accounts receivable). I thought and thought, what was more precious, the dog or the boots, and then I got an **bulb**. I made Vivek and Prateek also to light their own.

Now, coming back to when I arrived story (remember Jaspal?). Yes, he was still waiting for the Happy to hell to give the dog a special scooby snack so that it can smell him and follow. He, left the dog “six” times on the road, expecting him to follow. Poor him, he had to collect the dog back from the store each time.

On this date, the dog is missing again, but this time even the Happy to Hell guys aren’t aware of its whereabouts. Finally, I was successful in lighting Jaspal Pra’s **bulb**, only to say “What an Idiot! Sirjee” (papajee?)

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credit crisis in spjimr

credit crisis in spjimr

….A board at SPJIMR hostel canteen. I am convinced, world is in crisis… Even canteenwala is facing liquidity issues and poor people like us have to face Credit crunch, what to do? 🙂

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Wednesday is our new Friday

0800 Hrs – Woke up after hitting the snooze button 7 times.

0850 Hrs – Breakfast @ Bistro (fast food has a new definition here)

0900 Hrs – First lecture of the day in Economics followed by Marketing

1300 Hrs – Lunch break – first real meal for most since morning

1400 Hrs – Noon session on Statistics

1700 Hrs – Quick revision of Economics and chai paani @ Bistro

1730 Hrs – Economics Quiz !!

1800 Hrs – ADMAP brief in class

1900 Hrs – Finally back in hostel waiting to go out – “Infinite Joy”

For most of us the only respite after a long day at school is a Wednesday evening. And what made today’s evening special was that not only was tomorrow our “weekly off” but the next three days we do not have any lectures as the Annual B-School event OJAS is going to commence from Friday.

Most of our folks wanted to go out and today was the first day that I went out of the college in three weeks! We were a group of nine and decided to goto a nearby place called “Lokhandwala”. It took nine people more than an hour to figure out a nice place to eat. Among options were “McDonald’s” , “Falafals” and “Pizza hut” and none of us wanted any of these. So we sent out our “seekers” – Gagan and On Ali to do some Market Scanning. (Jargon for restaurant hunt).

After a bit of walking we discovered a unique shop – “Gogola”. You can see the snap of the store below!


Little did we know that Google has diversified its businesses to such an extent. You can find better pics of the same here.

So while wer bowled over by extent of inspiration that we Indians draw, our focus shifter to our “scanners” who were nowhere to be seen. After a short walk, Gagan and On Ali were caught eating “Phuchkas”. They had abandoned the team, some of whom were ready to be cannibals! The entire team joined the stall and devoured some of the snack and proceeded with the food hunt. After another 10 minutes of hunting, climbing fly-overs and crossing busy Mumbai Streets, we managed to zero in on our destination – “The Dhaba”.

The place was simplistic and spacious. I would rate the food 7/10 but the service was good. The meal was a welcome change after monotonicity of mess/canteen food.

And to end it all, we had a “Gone in 60 seconds” kind of an effect where to meet the hostel deadline of 1100pm we had to rush back asap. All in all the first evening out was fun!

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New definition for tests !

Our first week which started on 23rd January started with three examinations! Can you imagine that? Most of us arrived in campus on the 20th of January. The next day was a registration and welcome and on 22nd we had the “weekly off”. Yes – we PGPMites have a break on Thursday and not on Sunday. “Thursday is the new Sunday”…

So as you can imagine we all were pretty confused and apprehensive about exams on day 1. Nevertheless, it went pretty well. (or so we assume as the results have not been declared yet)

Background about the paper:

Type : MCQ

Subject: Economics (micro)

Time : 20 minutes

Around 20 questions

Overheard outside the exam hall shortly after the “economics” test were the following lines :

Student 1: “Yaar – acha hua ki exam multiple choice ka tha….simple sa ho gaya tha paper.Kaafi time bhi nahi laga”

Student 2 , smiling vividly : “abe – is exam ke liye watch nahi – “stop – watch” ki zaroorat thi!”


Our students cracked the paper in such less time that the attendance sheet came later to the table and by this time the students had finished the paper. Either we were very well prepared or…….Only time will tell.

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