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Where Industry meets Academia

SPJIMR, Andheri (W), Mumbai – September 17-18, 2010 – Industry integration is a key component of management education at SPJIMR. To develop future leaders capable of taking on higher management roles in transforming organizations, the institute emphasizes a quasi partnership approach between industry and academia.

SAMAVESH 2010 – where Industry meets Academia, organized by participants of the eleven-month Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) underscores this focus. SAMAVESH 2010 featured a series of panel discussions, where industry experts from various domains discussed current trends and challenges with students, alumni and faculty of various programmes being offered at SPJIMR.

The event, which spread over two days – Sept. 17 & 18, consisted of four panel discussions on the following topics:

  • How can Financial Institutions fund 10% GDP growth?
  • Management of Logistics & Infrastructural challenges in India
  • Advantage India, Marketers Serve.
  • Cloud Computing – An opportunity or a concern?

Each panel discussion began with SPJIMR’s resident faculty introducing the theme for the session after which panelists shared their thoughts. Each engaging panel discussion concluded with a Q&A session, which saw a volley of questions from the students. Each round of discussions was followed by a networking session were industry and academia bonded over tea and snacks.

The event concluded on a high note with academia and industry appreciating the forum and emphasizing the need for sustained partnership between them.

Theme 1: How can Financial Institutions fund 10% GDP growth?

September 17, 2010, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

The panel for the topic – ‘How can Financial Institutions fund 10% GDP growth?’ included Dr. D. K. Joshi, Chief Economist, CRISIL; Mr. Murali Ramakrishnan, Head – Credit Risk, ICICI Bank; Mr. Vineet Rai, CEO, Aavishkaar and Mr. K. Ramasubramanian, Ex- General Manager, RBI, who also chaired the discussion.

Theme 2: Management of Logistics & Infrastructural challenges in India

September 17, 2010, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

The second panel discussion scheduled for the day was chaired by Mr. Aanand Pandey, Chief Editor, Log India. The panel also included Mr. Neil Basu, Regional Manager, Philips Electronics India Ltd; Mr. Pradeep Chechani, Vice President – SCM & Business Head – West & East India, Wadhawan Group and Mr. Vishal Patell, Director – Supply chain, Chep.

Theme 3: Advantage India, Marketers Serve.

September 18, 2010, 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Industry experts who formed the panel for the third discussion theme of SAMAVESH 2010 – Advantage India, Marketers Serve, were Mr. Abhijit Saxena, CEO, Netcore Systems; Mr. Madan Sanglikar, Partner-Invention, Mindshare; Mr. Sujan Roy, Head – Product Marketing, Volkswagen India. The panel was chaired by Prof. S K Palekar, Chairperson Executive Education & Senior Prof of Marketing at SPJIMR.

Theme 4: Cloud Computing – An opportunity or a concern?

September 18, 2010, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

The concluding theme of discussion at SAMAVESH 2010 was – Cloud Computing – An opportunity or a concern? The panel for the discussion included Mr. Arun Goel, Vice President, Ericsson; Mr. Dahnesh Dilkhush, Lead – National Data Centre, Microsoft India; Mr. Vikas Gupta, Head – Enterprise Solutions, Dell Computers; Mr. Vikrant Kaulgud, Senior Researcher, Accenture Technology Labs and Prof. Oscar J DSouza, Head of Information Management SAU at SPJIMR, who chaired the panel.

About PGPM:

Post Graduate Programme in Management (PGPM) is an eleven month, full-time, residential programme. The mission of the programme is to create and nurture value-based future leaders taking on higher management roles in transforming organizations.

SPJIMR perceived the need of the industry for thought leaders in middle level management and successfully endeavoured to create the PGPM course. The programme, which is in its sixth year, has challenged the paradigm of conventional part time courses for working executives.

The unique aspect of the programme is the focus on the specific Role and Domain that the participant is interested to pursue. The customized approach ensures

A) Contextually specific role and domain focus
B) Functionally integrated teaching-learning process

Accreditations: SPJIMR’s eleven months PGPM programme is the first full-time post graduate programme in India to have received the MBA accreditation by AMBA (Association of MBA’s, UK- www.mbaworld.com).

For more, visit: http://www.spjimr.org/pgpm/pgpm_home.asp


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Planning has been done. Stage is set. Curtains are ready to be rolled. Speakers are preparing for the address note. We students are all set and eagerly waiting for the next couple of days to unfold. We have crossed our fingers. All our project management skills will be put to a test. Its time for the execution, the way we have foreseen it. The first event fully co-ordinated by PGPM students, since the program started back in 2004, will start tomorrow.

“Samavesh, 2010” will be an interface where eminent personalities from industry will come and share a perspective with the students. The panel discussions will show us a way towards future. The interaction with the industry will expose us to the real scenario and real problems. Though we all have a good industry experience but a different perspective is all we are looking for!

Lets hope the trend we have started continues and academia & industry both gets benefited from this initiative.

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Knowledge influences practice.
Practice refines knowledge.
Let industry and academia integrate.
Let ignited minds ideate.

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The P-CPL (PGPM – Cricket Premier League) kicked off on April 5, 2010. The week leading up to the opening game was full of practice sessions, with each team getting together to get the flow going after having lost touch with the game, when slogging it out in the industry. The commitment and dedication of the folks during practice was amazing, epitomized by teams practicing in the sweltering Mumbai heat at 3:30 in the afternoon to acclimatize themselves for the match beginning at 3:45 in the noon.

Come April, there were lots of expectations as the tournament got underway. The turnout for the opening game was beyond everyone’s expectations and the field looked set for an exciting contest, and boy did the 2 teams deliver or what? The game was as close as it could get with the last ball deciding the fate in favor of the team chasing down a target of 107 in 10 overs. But on that day there was only one winner and that was the game of cricket. It was great to see all the different emotions during and after the game, of joy and disappointment, but not that of frustration. Amazing to see the increased maturity and composure on the field making up for the past golden years for everyone in terms of their cricketing skills.

By the time the euphoria of the first game had begun to die down, came the second game filled with even more excitement, again going down to the wire, and this time the females in control of the fate of the game. As luck would have had it, just to make the score even, this time the team chasing lost by 1 run.

As teams got together to dissect their game performances and come up with new strategies, it was time for the third game, and lo and behold this time the game ended in a tie, resulting in the first “Super-Over” for P-CPL. The P-CPL had clearly surpassed IPL in terms of sheer excitement quotient.

At the conclusion of the first week, it has been a great experience and the tournament has more than lived up to the expectations. The teams are all evenly matched up, with no team guaranteed of a spot in the finals at the end of one round. As players get ready to re-discover their glory days and practice during the next few days to sharpen their skills for the deciding final week, I sign-off and will be back with more from next week’s action.

–Posted by- Amar Desai Class of 2010

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Valentine’s Day
February 14 2010

Morning 05:30

As the date of this PGPM 2010 blog log tells, our Personal Growth journey began on Valentine’s Day.  A 3 day stint at Garudmachi was the plan. The journey began at an unearthly hour – 5:30 in the morning! But we were excited, our Foundation Course End Term exams had just concluded.

We had all chosen Nature as our valentine and were wondering how we would spend our time. Everyone seemed curious about the course of the program. How and what will we learn, I wondered, when all we were looking forward to was a break from the regular rigour. Dr. Mala Kapadia and Dr. Kieth D’Souza hopefully had some solid plans to turn this around. Dr. Debasis Malik also went with us as a faculty member.

We reached Garudmachi around 11:00 Hrs. Our tents were waiting for us. There were three sets of tents located on different parts of the estate. We formed our groups, parked our bags in the tents and came straight back to the hall from where we had dispersed. A quick download on the rules and then the group was divided into two. One group was taken by Dr. Mala Kapadia and the other by Dr. Keith D’Souza.

Our self-exploratory journey began with an introduction before we systematically delved deeper into our minds with psychometric tests. The outcome was a better understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and of how others perceive me. We played an interesting game loosely based on the concept of ‘survival of the fittest’. Our lives were in handkerchiefs loosely tailed to each of us. If your handkerchief was taken by another, it meant you had lost. With the whistle the game commenced. Some ran helter-skelter, some sat down, some backed up against the wall… ‘literally’ to save their tail :P. The response was amazingly different in nature but the one thing that clearly came was ‘we do not have to take other’s life to protect ours’.  While most of us were intuitively understood this, in our actions we were more instinctive (in a Neanderthal sense) and that is what we reflected upon, realized and internalized.

All that we had discovered was hard to contain. The only resort for me and everyone else was to share and that helped us understand things better. After dinner and music we dispersed. I don’t remember when I went to sleep. I just remember a very thought provoking day came to an end with a final round of discussion among tent mates.

February 15, 2010

We began the following day with meditation and reflected upon day one. It’s a nice way to learn from your experiences and a perfect way to start a class with all our energies aligned and directed inward. Day two had more psychometric tools in store. Doing the test first with our limited knowledge and then understanding the implications of the results with the help of theory is how we went about it. Today the focus was on Emotional Intelligence. We learnt the importance of sharing thoughts and how it forms the basis of all relationships. Post lunch we were given a role play assignment. The theme was application of emotional intelligence in a real life situation. The uniqueness of each act was in itself an acknowledgement of the enormous applicability of our learnings. As the Sun set we meditated and reflected on the events of the day before Prof. Mala made us sway to soulful music. All the negative energies just seeped out of us.

It is said that the eternal goal of every human being is to be happy with one-self. The activities at PG lab were snapping into place deep rooted disconnects within us, slowly bringing us in sync with ourselves. The happiness as a consequence was evident in the glowing faces.

February 16, 2010

Trek and Assault
By the time I realized I am awake I was already in the bus going for the trekking. The trek started after a 15 Km bus ride. It was a first time experience for many of us. We navigated our way to the peak, diligently following instructions from our guides. Helping each other, talking to each other, shutter bugs snapping away, captivated by the natural beauty spread in abundance before us and at the back of all of this, probably learning. The view from the top was amazing! One of the best sights I have seen in the recent times. Reaching the peak was an achievement. Coming down from there was difficult, more so than going up. Tripping would have sent you rolling downhill. All in all, it was not the destination but the journey which we enjoyed.

Trekking or Flying

A quick power nap after lunch and we were ready for the Assault exercise. There were six tasks to be completed in as little time as possible. The tasks demanded team work and strategy to achieve results. There was no right or wrong strategy, the point was to decide a strategy and execute it. Though many of the tasks needed smart strategy the focus again was to evolve to that strategy. Each group managed to complete the Assault exercise. The take away – a hard lesson on Group Dynamics. How people choose roles in a group and how the outcome depends on the role played by each members. When you know a concept and then see it happening in real life, the understanding of the subject matter just shoots up (As we say it @ SPJIMR – you internalize it). A realization to contribute positively in a group was certainly there at the end. The day ended with a bonfire dinner. We had our dinner and then got lost somewhere in the flowing music played by our musically gifted batch mates.


February  17, 2010

Last leg of the journey
We meditated and reflected on everything that had passed and then took a printout of our reflections in the form of notes and drawings. I had never imagined that I would be associated with drawing in my life. But here I was about to make a drawing of my learning’s in the past three days, excited like a kid. Each team first analysed the results of personal assessments and then made a pictorial representation of their learning’s before sharing it with all participants.

Batch of PGPM609

All had achieved, all had learnt, all had discovered something new about themselves. This is was the crux of it all, make life a PG Lab. Grow everyday and through everything you strive to do. Do not just reach there but realize the achievement. Learn and reflect on everyday experiences. All in all ‘Don’t come back, stay at PG Lab’.

-Posted by Vikas Shrivastava (PGPM class of 2010)

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Shivam Says:

The first week in college after a long hiatus in corporate life was expected to be different. Laden with books and laptops alike, we were prepared for a long grind ahead. No one knew what lied beneath.  As a proverbial twist in the tale, PGPM students were asked to participate in the 26th Jan celebrations. The theme was the significance of republic day in our lives and what it meant to all of us.
The buzz of being on stage (after quite some time) was there to be seen in the class. This was the real college life that we were all missing in our air-conditioned cubicles (people even likened it to Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar stage performances from Aamir and co). Ideas were pouring in from everywhere as each one had something to add. Perhaps the exuberance of the whole batch was coming to the fore. With great difficulty (thanks to the deluge of suggestions – some passionate and some not so), we managed to zero in on performing a series of skits on bravery and musical humming.
Lucky we were to be blessed with a fine pair of guitarists who helped conceptualise the musical show. The idea was to create nostalgia from the old and foregone Doordarshan days by humming the title tune of Surabhi – the popular cultural show of yesteryears. As we stretched our vocal chords we realised there was a lot of rust to be dusted off. Thus began our first assignment @SPJIMR. Late night practices were the order of the in search of that elusive perfect synchronisation. To add to it we only had about a week’s time.
Meanwhile the skit was being simultaneously prepared with our star performers (pun intended) enacting the previous year young brave hearts. With all the last minute preparations (not to mention changes in plans) and numerous takes and retakes we were all set for our maiden performance in the auditorium.
The D-day began on a resounding note with the National Anthem being sung. The atmosphere in the auditorium was electrifying and as we undertook our performances all of us had only one thought- “College Life We are here to welcome thee with open arms”.


Kosha Says:

On 24th January 2010, Gopal approached me in his unmatched style and asked “Will you play the role of 12 year old child bride?”  I started thinking of all the reasons so as to escape the ordeal! Finally, Gopal’s persuasiveness won and I accepted the role. Yes, I am talking about PGPM participation in Republic day -2010 at SPJIMR.
Republic day signifies sovereign and secular republic of India. Hence, republic day event needs to be significantly different than that of Independence Day, like it should highlight the unique aspects of Republic and not just patriotism.  Aditya (Republic Day CEO 😉 ) came up with an interesting idea of a skit depicting the courage displayed by children, who were honoured on republic day for their bravery acts in different sphere of society.   Other performance was ‘OPUS’, a musical act performed by our talented Guitarist Rahul and Gopal along with a group of 15 singers.  We had a very short time to practise, but we managed to perform JIT (just in time).  We also received valuable guidance from Uma madam on concepts and improvisations.
Finally, the D-day (or shall I say R-Day) arrived. We began with a quick round of OPUS practice at Bistro and then proceeded for flag hoisting. It reminded of good old school days. We saluted Indian flag with respect, awe and wonder. Yes, we celebrated 60 years of our republic! I felt that in spite of all the chaos, India works and it is truly incredible! Some of us also felt butterflies in our stomach about the upcoming stage performance.
Our act started with narration of the theme.  First bravery act depicted Afsana Khatun, a 12 year old girl who fought with the society and did not allow anyone to conduct her marriage.  While we had many mishaps during practice sessions, ranging from complete script change to main characters forgetting their dialogues, the actual act was smooth and powerful. Soumya (the Commissioner) managed not to laugh and I managed not to confuse my name between Afsana and Shabana!
Second bravery act was about a brave boy named Gaurav Singh Saini, who saved many lives during Nanda-devi land sliding and stampede in spite of his personal loss in the accident. With his optimistic smile, innocent face and sparkling eyes, Reuben was just flawless in his role as Gaurav Singh Saini. The team’s efforts depicting a land slide created good drama with dialogues like ‘Bhago!! Bhoo-skhalan’ and with great acoustic effects.
Then came the OPUS.  During the rehearsals, our voices were tangential to Guitar’s tune but the practice did make us little bit perfect. Especially, few of us like Sachin and Soumya were instrumental in maintaining the symphony.  The actual event created a pristine and serene environment with our clothes depicting Indian flags and our voice celebrating the spirit of India. Candles enhanced the overall ambience.  OPUS was short but our sweet melody 
What I admired the most was the support and presence of PGPM class during the event.  We were together just for a last 11 days but still we could feel synergy, shred off inhibition and bring out creativity, which in turn strengthened our shared identity of ‘PGPM609’.


Samarjit Says:

After the first week of getting into the grill of an MBA course we were once again confronted with the omnipresent word in today’s corporate world i.e. tight timelines. To give a twist we were given just 3 days to come up with the concept s of anything aesthetic and perform it on 26th Jan before the SPJIMR family.
This looked challenging given the regular 9 to 6.30 schedule that we had to follow daily, not to forget the assignments that kept pouring in. But then once we all put our minds together, nice ideas came out and people volunteered to execute those ideas. one could see cohesion building among the PGPM batch students even when people were yet to know each other’s names. Soon two events were finalised, which were to be performed by PGPM participants. A musical chorus and a skit. So the night long practise sessions started, which gave all of us a glimpse of time management in a B-school, as we had to juggle between regular classes and practise sessions.
The initial practise session of the chorus proved to be a hilarious affair due to mismatch between scale of singers within themselves and with the guitarists. But soon, the sync was established. The skit also enabled our batch mates to discover a hidden actor within themselves.
The Republic day started with flag hoisting and singing of the national anthem. The whole PGPM junta was looking very ethnic in their bright kurtas. The musical chorus named Opus (musical congruence) proved to be a treat to the ears of the audience. With all the singers and guitarists in kurtas, the group made a formation that represented the Indian National Flag. Since the song was based on the classic ‘Surabhi’ Musical it induced some nostalgic feeling among the audience. Sur- sangam ended with crowd screaming ‘we want more’. The theme of the skit (the brave hearts of India) had already created some excitement for the event co-ordinator at the time of its approval. The act was based on the courage and bravery displayed by the kids, who were honoured by the president of India. The enactment was very difficult to replicate but the talented actors went far beyond expectations and received a huge round of applause.
Overall the entire event proved to be nice ice breaker for all the PGPM participants who had arrived in the SPJIMR campus hardly a few days back i.e. on Jan 14th.

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One year journey for MBA participants of PGPM508 has come to an end and all heavenly bodies are ready to re-enter into their professional lives and vroom in industry bylanes!!!

It has been a very eventful year with lots of activities & fun. We as a batch have attempted to remain as active as possible on campus but more can be expected from us as we grow in size from this admission cycle. The mass increase should be used to give right thrust and impetus!!!

As a token of respect and continued relationship with the institute , we as batch parted by distributing mementos to all those who have been associated with us throughout this journey of one year at all levels. Those familiar with SPJIMR fraternity would not find it difficult to recognise the faces in following images 🙂 ….This is our competent RA team which has provided us immense support and cooperation with no fuss. They have been instrumental in seeing that we have classes as per schedule and insured smooth administration of the course. Below(left) you find our able library adminstrator reciving from Himanshu , Ali & Sameer. On the other side , you find our reverant Jiban Sir, who has not only taught us International Business but also guided us on how to brace the corporate world in coming years , is seen standing with a group of students from our batch in his office:-


On behalf of my batch I wish the whole SPJIMR family a very happy & propserous new year 2010.

And to let the continuity remain alive as ever , I would repeat what Prateek from our batch had written as part of his email to faculty….

To live a meaningful life, is the aspiration.. This Alma Mater renews  with every interaction. Attitude  determines ones’ altitude, they say.. Gratitude does that even better, We say!!!
We aren’t saying Goodbye…

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