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Friends, we have been through a wonderful journey and a fantastic experience since we all got together for our 1 year MBA program at SPJIMR. I just felt like summing all of it in a simple way from A – Z. Here we go.

B- B-School
C- Committees & Clubs
E- Economic Times
F- Facebook
G- Gita Shibir
H- Harvard Business Review
I- Industry Integration
J- Juniors
K- Knowledge
L- Leadership
N- Name Plates
O- Online Exams
Q- Quizzes
R- Rains
S- SP Jain
T- Thank God Its Thursday
V- Vrindavan
W- Wednesday Weekend
X- Xerox centre
Y- Yoga
Z- Zoo for pigeons, dogs, fishes…

— Posted by Krishna Kranthi, Class of 2010

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Errors and mistakes take us on the journey from inexperience to wisdom. However, in real business scenarios making mistakes involve very high stakes, it can result in loss of a deal, loss of a customer or even loss of the Job! Industrat, the Strategic Industrial Marketing Simulation was a stepping stone to give us an opportunity to learn from mistakes, to practice the theory we learnt in a virtual scenario!!  Moreover, we simulated 9 long years in a week’s time.

For Industrat simulation, PGPM class was divided into 4 industries such as Trees, Fruits, Flowers and Birds.  And, there were 5 companies within each industry. The companies were allocated specific marketing budget and were responsible for marketing, R&D and HR decisions.  Next year’s marketing budget depended on company’s performance in previous year specifically on market share, stock price and contribution margin.

Initial years were bit confusing and we took some time to understand research reports and customer perception map. As the years passed on, our understanding evolved. Most of us decided our target segments and started placing new products. Environment became competitive yet collaborative, complex yet enjoyable and virtual yet real!  Collaboration between rivals to develop new technologies, enthusiasm to know previous year’s performance and hurry to take right but timely decision made our industrat journey intense and full of excitement.

Talking specifically about our company ‘Rose’, we had some of the best products and we also came up with the new product ‘KISS’ which had a strategic position on perception map. Initially we concentrated on market share in terms of volume and ignored value, did not take into account inflation our margins depleted. In the later session, we had a strategic alliance with other team and launched a new product “LIFE”, well Life did give us life and in the end we were the second best company in our industry.

Over all, the experienced enhanced analytical skills, decision making power and business acumen of the participants. Industrat was followed by Capstone simulation, which seemed a logical extension to our previous learning and broadened the scope to include finance, operations and strategy.

–Posted by Kosha Joshi, Class of 2010

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It was a nice Sunday evening when I went to Mc Donalds. Now of course there is nothing great about going to McD but the story is yet to come. Please keep reading…However this is just a request to the reader to keep reading and in no way I guarantee any intellectual stuff coming up. The reader is the sole guarantor of wasting his time. Coming back to the story so I was in McD and I ordered a Coke which I demanded to be chilled. Further I asked for some French fries. (This was an evening snack guys.. so I contended myself with just this much…) However I had to rush back soon for some urgent assignment. So I asked the guy how much time it would take for the French fries. As against my expectation, he said 3 minutes, which was just what I wanted. So I sat there waiting for my French fries to be delivered….three, four, five …ten minutes passed but I didn’t receive much awaited French Fries…Now I got restless. In normal scenario (i.e before coming to SPJAIN-PGPM…at time I was an MBA illiterate) I would have blasted the guy,got the Fries, ate it and would have been on my way to college…But what happened later was something serious…I sat there thinking about the entire conversation. I am sure as PGPMites  read they will understand the cause of my thought process….and Yes this is where is the punch of the story lies….so I would suggest the reader to continue reading…I assure it’s going to be interesting…

My thought process:

Events (thoughts)

I saw beautiful French fries poster displayed at the counter (This was an Invitation to offer)

I said: “I would like to have French fries” (Yeah this would be.. offer)

McD boy: Sure Mam (Promise with consideration/Agreement)

I said: But first tell me how long would it take for French fries (Implication of my law studies:-Conditions)

Mc D: Not more than three minutes Mam. (Here he got trapped……Finally the Qualified Acceptance)

I said: Ok. Get me one. (Contract)

This wasn’t the end guys…When I was not delivered the French fries in three minutes…I did thought of various sections and legal cases that could be acted upon the poor guy…I wasn’t sure if  he would ever understand my mental state…so I controlled all my emotions,got my pack of fries with me almost after 11.5 minutes and went on my way.

This is what a Business law class in an MBA curriculum does to you.….thanks to Prof. D.M. Damle for all his impressive lectures…We all just adore you sir!!

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Ever got an opportunity to see Chak-De, the famous Hindi movie from a management learning perspective…well we did get to do that last week when a whole afternoon session was dedicated to play the movie and take notes.

We were given a group work assignment to come up with our reflections from the movie and relate it to concepts of transformational & transactional leadership… I wonder if Harvard missed on something like this!!!

It was not a first watch for almost all the participants but only the perspective had changed this time around. We needed to search for instances of group dynamics, leadership, and individual aspirations which culminated in creating shared values aimed at achieving the objective of winning the world cup for women’s hockey.

The movie gives insight into the theoretical underpinnings of Transformational Leadership (as against Transactional Leadership) as a process that involves mutually influencing (psychic) interactions between the leader and the followers in an organizational context, which in this case is a women’s hockey team preparing for the World Cup competition – the campaign.

Different people come with varied objectives. The movie is a brilliant example of the process of ‘Osmosis’ where in we see players with diverse backgrounds and goals come together through Kabir Khan as medium to achieve a common goal target.
They all came from different parts of the country and lacked team spirit. Diversity, Individualism, Personal Egos and Power Dynamics created dissonance, conflicts and negative energy from the beginning. All of them had the right skills for the game but lacked common vision. Kabir Khan utilized the diversity and skills of the team members to realize a team goal.
The group energy was built up over a period of time although in the beginning, the individuals had distinct identity representative of their states rather than the country. The whole process of convergence of individuals into a high performance team can be expressed with following three pillars:
1. Leadership –

  • Asked the team to shed their focused individual identity(States) and align with a common identity(India)
  • Negative Reinforcement –  Fire and then motivate the team
  • Identify Competencies with the team
  • Identify Competencies of Competitor – Knowing the strengths, weaknesses and strategies of competitors is essential to fully exploit the strength of team and overcome the weakness of one’s own team
  • Made them realize team goal
  • Motivation – Unless pushed to limits, your team will not perform at its best.

2. Changing Group Dynamics

  • Team’s revolt against the coach Kabir khan was the first incidence when all the girls united together
  • Team realizing a sense of belongingness. As can be seen foes becoming friend when the coach Kabir Khan was ruthlessly arrogant to the team players. Balbirs gesture to help Sui-Mui to teach hindi.
  • Making players realize that individual goals and agendas are always counter productive (as proved by the way two forward player to become the highest goal scorer at the cost of team’s fortune)
  • Together Everyone Achieves More – TEAM

3. External Stimuli

  • Mc Donald’s incidence – The incident at the McDonald’s helped in brining together the smaller groups into one large group with shared purpose and goal.
  • Match with Indian Hockey team – Initially the gender based unity did not work for the girls but the humiliation was the agent which motivated them to perform and succeed in the second half of the game.

Don’t build an organization
Build Cross Functional and Mutli-skilled teams to achieve your dream

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Thinking “Out of the Box”!

Our first Month of the PGPM course is termed the Foundation,which follows the pre-foundation and covers credits for Basic courses-‘Economics-Micro and Macro’,’Business or Managerial Stats’,’Financial Accounting’ and ‘Marketing’.

Among the most revealing classes during the Foundation term has been the ‘Business Stats’ classes where we try to grapple with the naunces of Probability,Skewness of data and the Distribution of data and to think that the class is highly positively skewed!!And any question thrown to the class by our Prof. invited answers galore from the normal to highly innovative.

For example a question like

“If you were a dealer of Toyota cars,and were to get cars both for high maintainance repairs and low maintainance repairs and if you were to sample about 15 cars among a population of 100 cars during a week,what would be the probability that the car would be for a high maintainance repair?”

Would have us all racking  our brains and trying to get into the shoes of the Toyota dealer and figure out what would be his state of affairs and depending on the probability he arrives at,what would be his decision to handle the capacity.

And another  such question thrown to the classes invited such unique and revealing answers that the Prof. was forced to proclaim to the class

“This is what I would call “out of the box thinking”-right into the bin,into the gutter and into “Obama’s chair”!!

Ever since this has become the talking point and the signature of our batch of innovative thinkers!

Little did we know that we were such geniuses in thinking ,well but in “Out of the Box” thinking.Kudos to our batch for introducing a whole new paradigm to the MBA way of life!!

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